Doing Business

Doing Business with the City on DemandStar
The City uses DemandStar to
  • Maintain a supplier database on the internet
  • Distribute bid packages for the city
DemandStar has two membership levels for suppliers:
  • Basic Membership - Suppliers may view bids on the city’s website at no charge. If you order a bid package through the website, DemandStar’s fee is $5 per bid package.
  • Full Membership - Suppliers are automatically notified via email of bid notices and any addenda issued by the city and any other government agency in Dallas County that participates in the DemandStar system.
Full membership also allows suppliers to download bid packages via the Internet. The fee for a full membership varies. For more information about DemandStar’s services and fees, call 800.711.1712 and talk to a live person or visit their website.

Registering for the Supplier List
To get on the city's supplier list, go to DemandStar and register online. Bid notices are also advertised:
  • On this website
  • On the bulletin board located at the Government Center, 285 Uptown Blvd. 
  • In the classified section of Cedar Hill Focus Daily News
Bid Packages
Bid packages will not be mailed or faxed by the city. Suppliers may come to city offices and pick up a bid package. The cost for a non-public works bid package is $5. The cost for a bid package pertaining to a public works project varies depending on the project and the type of plans and specifications involved.