A Special Thanks

Special Thanks to these clinics for helping with our adoption sterilization program!

A HUGE thanks goes out to Adrian Langley, Laina Scivally, Brittany Sharp, and Zach Crisp, Village Tech students, for crafting this amazing storage bench for our outside patio! They have made many adopters happy - which makes us even happier!

Special Thanks to these animal lovers!

Lemonade Stand Helps Save Lives!
Grace Robertson and Rowan Mathews from the Mobley Road neighborhood of Cedar Hill spent numerous hours in the hot sun working at their lemonade stand.  Their hard work paid off and they made $200!  Many kids their age would have headed straight to the nearest mall, but these special young ladies instead decided to make a difference in the lives of our homeless pets and generously donated their money to our shelter. Thanks to both of you!
Happy Birthday Abby!
Abby had an unusual birthday request. She asked all of her friends to buy presents for the dogs and cats at the shelter instead of for her. She had a big party in the park where her friends brought their own dogs for a dog show complete with prizes. Abby then took the presents back to her house where she and her grandmother hand wrapped the gifts. 
Picture of Abby with gifts she helped collect for animals at the shelter.
She delivered the gifts to the shelter on her birthday and even helped hand out treats to the shelter dogs. Way to go Abby. What an amazing and compassionate gift. The Tri-City Animal Shelter and Adoption Center wishes you a wonderful birthday and a year filled with happiness.
A BIG thank you to Hannah!
Hannah has been collecting and bringing newspapers to the shelter for over a year. This summer she decided that she would save all of her allowance and buy needed things for the animals at the shelter. She went on a shopping spree and bought toys, treats and towels. She even convinced her sister to donate some additional toys and her grandmother to donate dog and cat food. Hannah, thank you for the difference you have made in these animals’ lives.
Picture of Hannah with the supplies she bought for the shelter.