City Center Plan

The City Center Plan is a specific area plan dedicated to transforming Cedar Hill's City Center into a more walkable, mixed-use destination with a sense of place. Included in this phase of the City Center Plan, is a refinement of the circulatory/roadway framework; adjustments of the urban development to occur; a 10 year market assessment and an illustrative plan which graphically depicts how the City Center concepts may layout. The final chapter suggests a mobility concept plan and implementation strategy which outlines the next steps needed to be taken towards a walkable community.

City Center Development Code Assessment and Outline (Download PDF copy of report)

Assessment and Outline Report

This Assessment and Outline identifies the current regulations that hinder property from developing as contemplated by the City Center Development Plan, offers solutions and describes the organization of the new zoning codes.

Illustrative Plan (Download PDF copy of Illustrative Plan)

Illustrative Plan small for web
The City Center illustrative plan is a graphic depiction of how the City Center concepts may layout. The project boundaries are Pleasant Run to the north, just below Tidwell to the south, U.S. 67 to the east, and the BNSF railway to the west, as depicted in the map.
City Center Action Plan graphic