Trail Ride and Run

Trail Ride

May is National Bike Month, and the Cedar Hill Parks and Recreation would like to get involved by participating with you in the National Bike Challenge 2020!

What is this event about?
National Bike Month is about bettering the lives of participants and the environment through highlighting the benefits of riding a bike. Whether for fun, fitness or commuting bike month is here to celebrate and encourage people to hop on a bike. With our LovetoRide group we will be able to see our communities progress, and break personal and group goals for the National Bike Challenge.

Who can participate?
Anyone! Experienced riders, new riders, road bikers, mountain bikers, friends, family- everyone is invited to participate.

Why should I participate?
Maybe you just bought a new bike, or you have one sitting in the garage that needs to be put to work. Maybe you love biking, or need an extra push to get up and active. Maybe you’re just plain old bored sitting at home! Everyone has a reason to participate and through our LovetoRide group you can win prizes, see a leaderboard on miles traveled, and build community.

How do I sign up?
1) Click Here to go to the Cedar Hill Trail Riders group on
2) Create or sign in to your account and set your goals! Be sure to join our group- you can click here to go straight to it, or search for "Cedar Hill Trail Riders" under groups.

What’s next?
Get moving! You can either enter your miles manually on the website, or to make it more fun you can link your Strava, LovetoRide, MapMyRide, or Endomodo app to the site to log your miles automatically. Click Here for info on linking and downloading these apps.

Where can I ride?
Ride where you like, but be safe! Check out many of our parks with trails, and check these great local trails out:
1) Lake Ridge Trail: Connecting Mansfield Road to U.S. Highway 67, Lake Ridge Trail is 3.6 miles of paved trail.
2) Mansfield Road Trail: From Community Center Park(1740 Mansfield Rd.) to the city limits, Mansfield Road Trail is 2.1 miles of paved trail that highlights the unique topography and ecosystem of the Balcones Escarpment.
3) Pleasant Run Trail: One mile of paved trail linking Joe Wilson Road to Duncanville Road.
4) Red Oak Creek Trail: With trailheads at the Alan E. Sims Cedar Hill Recreation Center, Dot Thomas Park, and Virginia Weaver Park, Red Oak Creek Trail is a 3.16 mile concrete multi-use trail that links to neighborhoods, greenbelts, City Parks, schools and the Alan E. Sims Cedar Hill Recreation Center. 

Get Featured!
Take some pictures of you and your team out on the trails and send them to us to be featured! Email your pictures to, send them to us on Facebook, or tag @cedarhillpard on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to be featured on social media!

Be Safe!
Be sure you’re not putting yourself or others in danger while you’re riding. Read about bike safety and be sure to follow these easy rules:
1) Check your equipment for damage, and make sure it is functioning properly!
2) Be easily spottable! Wear bright clothing, and use bike lights if you’re riding in the dark.
3) Wear a helmet!
4) Follow the rules of the road! Don’t ride against car traffic, stop at crosswalks and stop signs, and look both ways before crossing streets and paths.