Library, Museum & Signature Park FAQs

Library, Museum & Signature Park
Grand Openings of Library, Museum & Signature Park

The Grand Openings of the Signature Park, the Traphene Hickman Library and the Cedar Hill Museum of History are fast approaching! While we wait for these exciting and significant events to take place, the Zula B. Wylie Library will be experiencing some changes. As we prepare to move into the new library space, things will begin to look very different in our current library. Please take a look at the Q&A's below to learn more about what to expect in the upcoming weeks as well as information about the new library!

1. What is the new library's name and address?
Traphene Hickman Library
450 Pioneer Trail
Cedar Hill, TX. 75104

2. Will there be more study rooms in the new library?
Yes. We will have 8.

3. How many computers will be in the new library?
There will be about 40, to be split between the first and second floors.

4. Will there be a café in the new library or will there be vending machines?
There will be a social café with a popup coffee cart and snack and beverage vending machines.

5. Will you be accepting donations in the new library?
Donations will not be accepted until further notice. As we settle into the new library building, we will assess our donation procedure in the new space. Any updates about accepting donations will be posted on our website and social media.

6. Are the hours or phone number changing for the new library?

7. What is going to happen with the current library building?
At this time, the City of Cedar Hill has yet to decide what the plans are for the current library building.

8. I filled out the Recommend an Item form. If my item is purchased, when can I check it out?
All items purchased are being sent to the new library. This includes new and recommended items.

9. What days/times will the Cedar Hill Museum of History be open?
The Museum will be releasing this and more information closer to their Grand Opening.

10. Will you have solar eclipse glasses?
On April 8th only, 2 solar eclipse glasses will be give per family or 1 per person at the new library. They can only be picked up on April 8th. They will be available at 10 am when the Traphene Hickman Library opens. The eclipse will begin at 12:23 pm and end at 3:02 pm. 

11. Will my current Zula B. Wylie Library card work at the new library or do I have to get a new one?
As long as your library card is not expired, it will still work at the new library. The name or logo on your library card will still say "Zula B. Wylie Library" but this does not effect the use of the card. However, please feel free to ask for another library card with the new library's name at the new library! If your library card is expired, please bring your I.D. (Driver's License or State I.D.) with your current address and we will give you another card or you may keep your current, renewed card. We issue library cards to anyone who lives in Texas!

12. When will items start to move out of the current library building?
Our library movers will start to move our items on February 15th!

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