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Deferred Disposition Request


    If the Judge grants my request for Deferred Disposition Online, I understand and agree that per the provisions of Article 27.14(c) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure that I will be entering a plea of GUILTY or NO CONTEST and WAIVING MY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL. I further understand and agree that in the event that I fail to comply with the terms of my Deferred Disposition that my probation will be revoked and a conviction will be reported on my driving record with the Department of Public Safety.

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    For additional information, please contact us at 469-272-2930 ext. 1041. Please allow 2 business days for your deferred disposition to be processed. As receipt of this, you will receive an email response which will include a copy of your Deferral Agreement. Please do not make a payment until you receive that your deferred disposition has been processed. For all fine payment options, click the link below.

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