Printing and Postage

Because building neighborhood engagement is vital to our community, the Printing and Postage Program was designed to help stretch your neighborhood organization's dollars and to encourage open and frequent communication between neighbors.

Examples of printing and postage projects: Bulk mail-outs, Event notices, Holiday cards, Meeting notification, Membership recruitment, Neighborhood and community information, Newsletters, Volunteer requests

PLEASE NOTE: Only two neighborhood mailings per fiscal year (October - October) will be conducted, with the exception of promoting National Night Out.

  1. Postcards (recommended)
  2. Flyers

To avoid stuffing and labeling envelopes, you might want to try sending postcards instead. Using the Avery Postcard template, you can easily design your message on a 4" x 6" postcard online at or use the below Word documents. 

Avery Postcard Template (wide)

Avery Postcard Template (tall)


We understand that advertising your neighborhood event is important and we encourage all neighborhoods to utilize postcards to speed up the mailout process by eliminating the need to fold, stuff, label, and seal. To make life simpler, Neighborhood Services has designed a special NNO postcard template (see a sample of the 2023 NNO postcard below.)

NNO Postcard Mailout Request Form

Sample (front)

National Night Out postcard sample (front)

Sample (back)

National Night Out postcard sample (back)