Tree Preservation

Vision Statement

We envision Cedar Hill as a premier city that retains its distinctive character, where families and businesses flourish in a safe and clean environment.

To help preserve Cedar Hill's distinctive character, the City Council adopted a Tree Preservation Ordinance. This ordinance requires the preservation of most trees (including large cedar trees) during the land development process. If trees cannot be preserved, they may only be removed after their loss has been mitigated by the developer. However, once a lot is developed and a house is built and occupied, a lot becomes exempt from the Tree Preservation Ordinance. The owner may remove trees on the lot as he / she sees fit.

Fall Tree Colors - Woodstock, Georgia

General Function of the Tree Preservation Ordinance

  • Defines a Protected Tree as most trees that are 8-inches in diameter or larger
  • DOES NOT apply to residential lots that are occupied with a house
  • Prohibits the removal of protected tree without a permit
  • Allows the removal of protected trees within "exempt areas" such as ROW's, public easements or within 10-feet of the building outline
  • Allows the removal of protected trees that are located outside of the "exempt areas" but only if the owner mitigates the loss of the protected trees

Help preserve Cedar Hill's distinctive character by reporting bull-dozing or mass tree removal on vacant land to (972) 291-5100, ext. 1080.