Street Sanding in Cedar Hill

In the event of sleet or ice, the Cedar Hill Street Department will sand the overpasses on Highway 67 and emergency service buildings. They will monitor the streets and sand intersections as deemed necessary. For events lasting longer than two days, major intersections may be sanded as resources permit. Please note, US Highway 67, FM 1382, and portions of Belt Line Road are part of the TxDOT system and are maintained by TxDOT crews.

To more efficiently utilize our resources, it is the policy of the City of Cedar Hill not to sand residential streets or alleys, unless required by emergency responders.

Street closures may occur if they are deemed impassable and/or multiple accidents have occurred. Past closures have included Mansfield Road and Texas Plume.

The City of Cedar Hill encourages citizens to take the following steps during the inclement weather conditions:

  • If possible, stay at home.
  • If you have to leave home, be alert and drive with caution, remember, snow and ice will create slick road conditions.
  • Maintain safe distances between vehicles, decrease your driving speed and allow additional time to stop.
  • Do not pass the sand spreader trucks.
  • Be mindful of driving on streets without curbs, you may slide into side drainage ditches.
  • As a result of ice storms, we may experience downed trees and power lines. The City will only clear the street Right-of-Way. Oncor will be contacted to address downed power lines. Trees on private property are the homeowner's responsibility.
Stretch of Road with Snow and Ice
Snow on Mans Road 2015