Proposition A: Streets & Drainage

Voters approved $10 million in general obligation bonds for infrastructure improvements, including roadway and drainage, traffic signals, street lighting, intersection upgrades, and landscaping along US-67. 

Street Lighting Improvements

In September 2019, median street lights were installed on three major roadways: N. Joe Wilson Road, Belt Line Road, and Parkerville Road.  Total cost of the improvements was $241,213.36.

Drainage Improvements

The City completed the Texas Street & Hardy Street Drainage Project (an extension of underground drainage system from Belt Line Road to the intersection of Texas Street and Hardy Street) in December, 2020.  Total cost of the project was $1,909,991.85.     

Street Improvements

US Hwy 67 Green Ribbon Project:  

The City has recently completed the landscape improvements and entry monument on US Hwy 67.  Through TXDOT’s Green Ribbon Program, the City was able to receive 100% funding for the landscaping (in the amount of $1,222,544.  The City funded the cost of the US Hwy 67 Corridor Design Guidelines and the cost of the entry monument in the amount of $500,000.  The construction of the project was jointly funded by Cedar Hill and Duncanville.  The City of Cedar Hill took the lead on managing the project.  The City of Duncanville had their own funding for their entry monument and landscape improvements.

Safe Routes to School Project

The City was able to secure grant funding through TXDOT’s Safe Routes to School Program.  The City leveraged $700,000 in order to complete $1,971,853 of sidewalk improvements throughout the City.  This project was completed on September, 2022. 

N. Joe Wilson Road Widening:

The City completed the design of N. Joe Wilson Road from US-67 to Clover Hill Lane to improve access to the neighboring subdivision.  Phase 1 of the project has been completed in coordination with the Fuel City Development.  The City funded Phase 2 which included the widening of N. Joe Wilson Road to include a center turn lane and a dedicated right turn lane from the frontage road to northbound N. Joe Wilson Road.  The project was completed on March, 2022.  The total cost of the project was $1,937,825.83.

Concrete & Asphalt Repairs

The 2017 Bond Referendum provided funding for asphalt and concrete street maintenance for FY18 to FY24.  The City programmed $1.0 million every other year to address roadway failures and maintenance activities.  Several projects/locations were completed over the last six years.  For FY24, the City Council has funded the reconstruction of Duncanville Road from FM 1382 to Bear Creek Road, S. Joe Wilson Road from Little Creek Road to Bear Creek Road, Cockrell Hill Road from our N. City Limits to south of Bear Creek Road, and a portion of Duncanville Road between Pleasant Run Road and FM 1382.  The project cost for these improvements is $3,350,000.  This project is scheduled to start on February, 2024.

Signal Lights

The City installed two new signalized intersection: 

•    Wintergreen Road & New Clark Intersection:  This project is jointly funded by the City and the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).  The project was completed on March, 2022.  TXDOT funded the project in the amount of $245,940 and the City funded the project in the amount of $70,035.   

•    N. Joe Wilson Road and Weaver Street Intersection:  This signal light project is funded by the City of Cedar Hill.  The signal lights were installed on March, 2021. Total project cost was $299,501.22.