West Midtown Master Plan

One of the city’s objectives in the 2008 Comprehensive Plan was to establish a pedestrian-oriented development with mixed uses incorporating a core trail and public gathering spaces along Uptown Boulevard and in the Historic Downtown. There have been subsequent area plans to further develop the community’s vision. Most recently, the 2022 Comprehensive Plan provided additional guidance to incorporate the conservation of the land’s natural features into future development. Two major public investments toward implementation of the city’s vision also occurred in 2022. The city broke ground on the Signature Park and Library in the summer. That fall, the city completed the first phase of construction in Historic Downtown, which included improvements to portions of Broad and Cedar Streets, new water and sewer lines, widening of sidewalks, light fixtures, benches, and trash bins.

This West Midtown Master Plan takes its cue from the recently adopted 2022 Comprehensive Plan. It is a 90-acre area inclusive of the city’s major civic institutions – the Government Center, new Library, and the Signature Park. Taking into consideration the natural terrain, the plan provides a framework for the location of land uses, streets, building placement, sidewalks, parking, gathering spaces, and infrastructure.