Certificate of Occupancy

The City of Cedar Hill requires that all businesses obtain a Certificate of Occupancy to ensure that every occupancy complies with building and zoning regulations. The Building Inspector and Fire Marshal make inspections of the premises prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Steps for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy

  • Completed Certificate of Occupancy Application (PDF)
  • Fee $75
  • Make an appointment with the Building Inspector at (972) 291-5100, ext. 1093 for an inspection of the building
  • If approved by the Building Inspector, the occupancy will be released to Texas Utilities for a meter set. If not approved, contact the Building Inspector for a re-inspection of the building after corrections are made
  • Make an appointment with the Fire Marshal at (972) 291-1011 to inspect the building 48 hours prior to expected date of occupancy
  • If approved by the Fire Marshal, he will notify the Building Inspection Department that Certificate of Occupancy may be issued
  • The Certificate of Occupancy must be displayed at the business location

Food Service Establishments

Food service establishments are inspected by the health inspector. The health permit application (PDF) must be completed and the fees paid to the Building Inspection Department. The fee must be paid before the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.