Community Camera Registration Program

Home Security CameraThe Community Camera Registration Program is designed for residents and businesses to register their address as a location operating a security camera system.

As security camera systems continue to become a more affordable and desirable crime prevention and detection tool, our Community Camera Registration Program offers an opportunity for citizens to partner with us to allow for the quick identification of possible locations where video evidence may be present following a crime.

The Community Camera Registration Program is strictly voluntary and does NOT provide us access to security camera systems that are privately owned by participants.

Currently, officers go door to door talking with residents and businesses looking for video evidence following a crime. This is time intensive but still necessary. We will continue to canvass neighborhoods and businesses following a crime in order to provide detectives with beneficial evidence to identify a suspect.

The Community Camera Registration Program may speed up the possible identification of valuable evidence in high profile cases where door to door canvassing takes place by providing detectives and patrol officers an instant list of locations where participants have camera systems that may aid in an investigation. Our program is modeled after similar programs already in several cities in the DFW metroplex and across the country.

Again, it's strictly voluntary. To register your address, please fill out this form or contact Officer Roy Rodriguez at (972) 291-5181 ext. 2178, if you have further questions.