Air Quality

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Cedar Hill Earth Hour

Our consumption choices have a big impact on our environment. Let’s be part of the solution together. We challenge all Cedar Hill residents to "switch off" for an hour by joining the Cedar Hill Earth Hour. Share your experience by posting photos on social media with #CedarHillEarthHour or email to All participants will receive a gift bag.

Visit the Cedar Hill Earth Hour webpage for ideas!

Air North Texas

The City of Cedar Hill is a proud partner with Air North Texas, a regional public awareness campaign and partnership that seeks to improve air quality in North Texas. The campaign was formed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments with support of a task force made up of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, transportation authorities and others. Air North Texas offers all North Texans, including individuals, businesses and governments, resources related to improving air quality. Ten counties in North Texas fall under nonattainment for the pollutant ozone, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). North Texas must meet ozone emissions standards as set by the EPA or face federal sanctions. The Air North Texas campaign was created to help alleviate the air quality problem in our region.

Air Quality Index

Become familiar with the Air Quality Index (AQI) to better understand the severity of air pollution and related health impacts. The AQI is used for reporting daily air quality levels. Colors indicate how polluted the air is and how to protect your health.

Inhaling ground-level ozone is especially dangerous for people who have asthma or respiratory problems, and they may experience increased frequency of asthma attacks and health care needs. Young children may also be at risk for developmental problems associated with ozone exposure. People without respiratory problems or asthma can also experience health effects from ozone exposure, such as coughing, throat irritation, chest tightening, pain, burning or discomfort when taking a deep breath and shortness of breath.

Clean Air Action Day

Mayor Stephen Mason proclaimed June 2, 2023, as Clean Air Action Day, calling upon the community who live, work, and play in Cedar Hill to incorporate clean air actions into their daily routines or organizations to improve air quality such as working from home, carpooling, biking or walking instead of driving, avoiding vehicle idling, conserving water and electricity, reducing travel during rush hour, and postponing lawn mowing.

Cedar Hill Green Awards

Got a green idea that will improve the air quality in Cedar Hill and need funding? Consider applying for the Green Awards where the City will award up to $3,000 to help fund your local sustainability project!

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